What is this all about?
In short words, the purpose of this website is to provide an information platform concerning bootlegs.
The information shall be found easy and quick, and the information shall be complete and accurate.
ok, of course there are (and will be) more features..

Another of these bootleg sites?
There already are some websites dealing with collecting bootlegs, that's true.. but..
Have you tried them?
They are either slow because they list everything and anything possible,
or they have so many features that you will soon have a flashing-button/dynamic-anything overdose.
Keep it simple and easy, that's the motto of this site.
Also, other sites are usually more show-oriented, boottrader.net is bootleg-oriented.
So it will be much easier to keep track of different bootlegs from the same show!

So what's different?
Boottrader.net is designed to find information quickly.
Every bootleg listed here is entered by someone who has long-term knowledge of the artist and bootleg-trading.
That's the reason why it is not yet possible for a registered trader to enter a new bootleg - only admins can do that.
We will see if this is the right way or if we should think about it again..
There will be more interesting features to come soon. Promised!

Why should I register?
You do not have to register.
BOOTTRADER.NET is providing a lot of information that can be retrieved without being registered.
If you want to keep track of the bootlegs listed here, and if you need more information than publically available, then you should register.
You will have more search-functions and you can see which user has which bootleg, making a trade much easier.

I need help.
contact the in case you are lost.

First Steps
It's very easy..
You can look for an artist or just browse the bootlegs.
Everytime you see a list of bootlegs, you will see an information icon( )
Holding the mouse-pointer over this icon display a brief information summary for this bootleg.
Clicking the icon will bring you to a page with all information available.

When you are registered and logged in, there are more icons in the list.
Clicking on will add the selected bootleg to you personal list.
Clicking on will remove it from your personal list.
When you have a bootleg on your list, it will be marked with .
Clicking on it will lead you to a page where you can add/change additional private data to this bootleg. e.g. where you have it from, when you received it,...
Holding the mouse-pointer over this icon displays your private data for this bootleg.

Be careful! When you remove a bootleg from your personal list, all private data is deleted, and can not be retrieved again!!

What is my public url?
Your public url is the URL that you can give to your friends or fellow traders.
Everyone can see your bootleg collection there, plus additional data when you have entered some.
It's an easy way to distribute your collection information.

What is NFT?
NFT means Not For Trade.
Bootlegs marked NFT should not be traded as this is either requested by the artist, or it contains official material, or there is another reason.
NFT-bootlegs are listed here for information reasons and only if they are well known already.
If you happen to have a bootleg marked NFT you can add it to your list just like any other bootleg,
but no other user of boottrader.net will ever be able to see that you have it in your list!
Please keep in mind that you will never see here who has an NFT-bootleg in his/her list. This is to respect the artists wishes.

What are my favorite traders?
Favorite Traders are traders that can more easily be found by you.
Search for a username and add him to your favorite trader list.
Afterwards you can see the list from your myPages.
There will be more features for this soon!

What about other bands?
There will be more artists listed here in the future.
It takes a lot of time to collect and enter all the data, so if you want to administrate an artist that is not listed here yet,
contact the .

I can not find a bootleg I have!
The database is still growing.
As the website is still in beta-phase, there are still a lot of circulating bootlegs missing.
But the process is ongoing and everyday bootlegs are added to the database.